People Behind Eastbridge

There are many reasons why a project succeeds. Sometimes, it's not just because a person has a great idea. It also needs the support of those for whom the idea is intended to generate benefits. But something more is needed aside from these two. The capability of the people behind the idea also matters. Some projects need skill and experience to be managed well. Of course the drive and the passion to succeed in one's chosen mission helps too.

The main people behind the Eastbridge School High School project are passionate people when it comes to education. Both the President and the Directress have accumulated more than 50 years of teaching experience both academic and otherwise. Eastbridge School Elementary was established by the couple in 2006 from nothing and it flourished to a strong and vibrant community of more than 300 students since then.

In its fouteen years of existence, the school has consistently achieved extraordinary feats in local and international competitions. Please refer to this article for a sample of those achievements. The strength of Eastbridge education is not just in academics because Mr. Limoso is also a pastor of a church. Thus, Eastbridge students get a holistic education which, in the words of one of the parents, touches on "the precise balance of Christian values alongside academic excellence."

The main question that needs to be aswered in connection with the Eastbridge high school project is this: do the leaders of the school have the track record to show their collective capacity to steer the Eastbridge ship towards deeper and bigger ocean by venturing into expansion to high school? The answer is a resounding, yes! With the support of equally passionate team of teachers and academic leaders, there is a pervading sense among all stakeholders that this project will succeed.

Do we have a great idea? Our town doesn't have the kind of school that Eastbridge academic standard can provide. Do we have the support of the community we intend to serve? Many of the parents of our top graduates who are looking to send their children to the neighboring cities for lack of alternative would choose to stay with Eastbridge if there is a high school class offered. Do we have the skill, capacity and the passion to see this through? We do and our past record attests to this.

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