Folk Dance Regional Champion 2019

In a cliffhanger of a competition for championship in the Folk Dance category held at NDN Hotel in Sto. Tomas Batangas Saturday, September 28, 2019, Eastbridge Dance Troupe battled the other champions from Batangas, Laguna and Quezon as it represented the province of Rizal in the Regional Competition organized by NAPSPHIL (National Alliance of Private Schools in the Philippines). There must have been a very close score for first place or perhaps even a tie  since the announcement of winners was delayed several times as the judges deliberated for several minutes. Finally, when the winner was announced, Rizal won and Eastbridge proudly brought home the championship trophy in a category it won at the Regionals for the first time.

Tears were shed and for various reasons. The Eastbridge dancers knew the scores were close and the students huddled by themselves after their performance and with holding of hands, cried their hearts out to God for His favor. Tears were again shed as the second placer expected the judgment to go their way and the dancers first refused to come and receive their award when the result was announced. But such is the nature of competitions. There will always be winners and losers. To the credit of the organizers, even in categories where there were five entries, each place received an award and nobody went home with nothing.

Eastbridge has already won several regional trophies in the past, both in the literary musical and the academic contests but this is the first time that the Dance Troupe has gone this far. The support of parents is greatly appreciated by the school as many of them went with the delegation, checking in at the hotel the day before so as to give the students the advantage of sufficient sleep and rest for the competition. Three of the Dance Troupe members are also children of Eastbridge faculty members and it made the win even more memorable for everybody. One parent has already joined the competitions in the lower levels three times in the past, twice by way of a son who has already graduated and this time with a daughter who's in Grade 5.

The members of the dance troupe are now looking forward to the promised incentives of ice cream, cake and a trip to an entertainment venue as their reward for winning.

 (Photo credit: Teacher Glenda Espero)