Singapore Math at Eastbridge

For more than ten years, Singapore students have been in the top ranking worldwide as per studies by Trends International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). There's no secret in this outstanding performance at all. The Singapore education ministry simply created a unique curriculum called Singapore Math and implemented it and the rest is history.

What's unique about Singapore Math? Math students in Singapore are taught to master core concepts first before moving on to solve more abstract problems. This is done by extensive use of visual aids clearly modeling word problems through pictorials to enhance understanding and retention. Singapore Math also emphasizes the development of strong number sense, excellent mental-math skills, and a deep understanding of place value.

In 1995, Singapore Math gave its notice to the world when Grade four and second year high school students of Singapore placed number one on the TIMSS tests, besting the U.S. which placed 10th. Sadly, the Philippines placed 25th in that assessment and scored lower than Malaysia which placed 13th and Indonesia which was at 23rd. Singapore students continued to do this until 2007. No data is available to the writer after that year.

Recognized globally as the best Math curriculum, Singapore Math is now in the Philippines and Eastbridge School has adopted the prescribed textbooks and our President who is a Math major himself and our Math teachers are scheduled to take training on how to use the textbooks. With this move, the management of Eastbridge School hopes to put the school up there with the rest of the progressive schools in this country that's always on the lookout for curriculum and education standard improvement.