Christmas Toy Drive for Eastbridge Neighbors

 Joshua, (not his real name), is a Grade 1 student at Eastbridge School. He learned about the Christmas Toy Drive of his school and decided to donate his own toy collection. On the eve that his mom packed his toy, he interrupted her and asked her if he can spend one last night with the precious toys and then she can pack them and donate to the Toy Drive the next morning. She said, yes.

The above scene may not be the only one within the more than two hundred families of Eastbridgers who responded to the campaign. As a result, many families gave brand new toys instead of pre-loved ones because their kids insisted that they donate toys which aren't broken. Still other families gave more than just toys. The teachers and parents who participated in packing the donated items found school supplies and bags among them. They also made sure that all items to be given to recipients are clean, looked good still, without broken parts and the battery operated ones are still working.

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In the days prior to December 10, 2022, more than two hundred families from around the neighborhood received stubs distributed by volunteers who combed their neighborhoods of 3-9 year olds - the intended recipients of the outreach. When they came on the toy distribution date, they brought home with them two packs of goodies: one pack contains more than one toy items and another pack contains food items. Many smiles and sparkling eyes were seen as the items were distributed to the children and it is the hope of the school that they will enjoy their Christmas season a little happier this year.

The school is indebted to the parents of the Eastbridge community who never fail to respond to campaigns like this. This is one of the values that the school wants to inculcate to its students and their families.


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