Letter From the School President

Dear Friend,

Eastbridge School started in 2006 by the strength of faith alone. The founders are not venture capitalists nor business people, but believers in education as a powerful weapon for individual, community and national change. Right from the beginning, we mixed academic and strong moral principles in teaching our students. Our view of our graduates are not simply for them to be intellectually competent but also morally grounded at their young age.

For the 13 years of the school’s operation, it had steadily grown from the 26 kids who came to enroll in the school’s first year opening to more than 300 in 2019, the growth only restricted by the limitations of space and facilities. This year, we feel the strain of this limitation even more as we have to turn away some enrollees because they can no longer be accommodated.

We feel moved to believe in the impossible again. And we need others who can believe the way we do. We suspect that it can be you. That you have the same view of education – that it should be a whole-person kind and that our children don’t have to travel very far, sacrificing family togetherness, and many more to get it.

We intend to open high school classes, if possible, by school year 2020-2021. But we can’t do this in our present location. We need to find a bigger space and to build on it a new facility that will eventually become the school’s permanent home. This is impossible for the school to do, owing to its non-profit nature. But we are convinced that there are believers in our cause to bring the kind of education that can truly transform not just children but the nation. We have identified you as one of the possible believers. And not just a believer but a possible influencer or campaigner as well.

With a high school, we need not be limited to the foundational training of our kids but still go on to build stronger young adults who aren’t easily swayed by peer pressure, conformity or selfish pursuits. We envision to build leaders and champions who will illumine our future.

You might be asking how you can be part of this dream. Eastbridge will soon launch an online crowd funding campaign which will be hosted on the official school website. If you feel the urge to be part of this great undertaking, we encourage you to support the campaign by donating whatever amount you feel like giving and by sharing the link to the campaign so that we can get the word out to as many people as possible.

While in the school website, you will also learn the different ways and levels of involvement that you can commit to without giving yourself too much burden. Whatever level you choose, we will be greatly honored and inspired by your contribution. There are also write ups that clarify what crowdfunding is all about, how qualified are we to pursue this expansion, as well as the kind of graduates that the school has produced through the years that inspired us to make this momentous albeit challenging decision.

By God’s grace, we will one day be standing with the hundreds or possibly thousands of others who aimed high with us and can proudly say, “I helped build this great institution”.

Gerry Limoso

Help Build Eastbridge High School

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