Summer Adventure 2009 Culmination Program

summer_end09.jpg The Eastbridge School's Culmination Program in 2009 was held at Nicolas Resort in San Jose last May 21. The School, known in the town of Montalban as a progressive school and still is the only Multiple Intelligences school in the vicinity, attracts enrollees from other schools every summer and has been having a good run for three summers in a row now. Most of the summer enrollees are from other schools and they flock to Eastbridge for the rich summer classes offerings that the school provide. This year, three more courses were offered for the first time, namely: Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons and Basic Painting and Drawing.
A total of 94 certificates were distributed to more than 80 students some of whom were enrolled in more than one course. This year, three students came from as far away as Cogeo, Antipolo to avail of Power Communications course and Power Reading. Slowly, the reputation of Eastbridge as a school that offers quality education, even just for short summer courses is being spread around by those who had experienced it. Many students this year were also repeat enrollees from previous years'.