Prof. Christine Muyco's Debut As Conductor

Teacher Christine conducts an 80-piece orchestra as she debuts as Conductor in Jeju International Convention Center
Seogwipo City, Korea last May 31, 2009.
To Eastbridge School Students, she is known only as Teacher Christine - their music teacher. To the school's Directress, she is Titit, her classmate in her college days and continues to be one of her best friends. One wouldn't suspect her to be a complete package - music package that is. With her unassuming, mild and very friendly manner, she could just be a simple and a pleasant fellow. But she is greatly accomplished in her field. She has two degrees - one in Broad Comm/Comp. Literature, and another in Music with concentration in Composition. Her Music Master's Degree she earned in Canada and her Doctorate in Diliman where she has been a Professor at the College of Music.

Last May, she debuted as an orchestra conductor when she was chosen by CCP to be the Philippines' composer for the ASEAN.  Teacher Christine composed and conducted her personal composition which was played by an orchestra composed of 80 Asian traditional musical instruments from 11 nations: Korea, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The audience: Presidents of the 11 nations, including our PGMA. Teacher Christine related to us over dinner last Sunday that as nation after nation performed their country's traditional music with their own representative ethnic musicians, all the conductors were male, until the Philippines' number came up. Later, noticing the same trend, PGMA - who happened also to be the only female President among the 11, whispered to her, "Women power!" 
The Eastbridge School is very privileged to have her as our part-time music teacher and we hope to continue to make use of her services for the coming programs of the school this year.