Overnight Camping 2009!

With the classes over for the school year, the Eastbridge School treated all the Grade 2 students for an overnight camping at the school premises. There is more than just fun as an object of this activity. First, the kids were given a first-hand experience of independence from the care of their parents, even just for a day and a night. Second, they learned to do some group activities related to home life like cooking, arranging their things in their tents, bathing and grooming, etc. The night activities include some craft, games and film watching. The following day, the students went outdoors with a stopover at Jollibee Don Antonio for breakfast where they learned to order their own meals by themselves, paid for their own food and ate without their mommies to watch over them. Then off they went the Q.C. circle for bike rides, followed by a visit to the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife where they visited the zoo and explored the park.


On the way home, the students chanted "Pauwi na, hindi na masaya!" Obviously, they had a real fun day and would have preferred the time not to end too soon. Only one student missed the camp, and rather unwillingly, due to chickenpox.