Last Saturday, September 4, 2010, four of our kids competed in the ROPRISA Literary & Musical Competition. Xyril  Mañago, a Grade III student, competed and won in the tula competition. Vincent Cuerpo, a Prep student, battled a fever and won second place in the poem recitation contest .  In the vocal solo contest, Axelle Ace Cruz represented Eastbridge for Prep and Raven Marasigan for the Primary level.

ROPRISA is the Rodriguez Private Schools Association and is a member of the RIPRISA, the Rizal Private Schools Association. The winners is this local competition will go on to represent the ROPRISA in the RIPRISA COMPETITION slated on September 24. There were several categories in which the students from fifteen schools which participated competed: poem recitation and vocal solo for prep, vocal solo and tula for the primary level. duet and declamation contests for intermediate level and oration and trio singing for secondary level. Eastbridge was able to field only four contestant as we do not have intermediate and secondary level students yet.

Four Eastbridge students are joining the Rodriguez Private Schools' Association (ROPRISA ) Literary and Musical Contest this Saturday, September 4, 2010. Representing the Prep Category in recitation is Vinci Cuerpo while Axelle joins the Singing competition. In the Primary level, Raven will join the singing contest while Xyril will join the tula contest.


ROPRISA has more than 60 registered members but it's not sure how many will be actually joining the competitions.


We wish our students the best and God's blessing that they may be able to do their best. The exposure is more important than winning itself so let's cheer for them. The venue will be the Infant Jesus Academy, Eastwood gym. The program will be for the whole day with the Literay Contest in the morning and the Musical Contest in the afternoon. The program starts at 8 A.M.


Go Eastbridgers!

We have created a Facebook account for our school. The FB site will be used more and more as we connect to you, our clients. The site is set up in a way that we can post updates through SMS (texting) quickly anytime, anywhere on the FB wall for visitors to see. This means that in the future, if we want to announce a class suspension during typhoons and other emergencies, you will find it sooner in our FB site. Thus, it's a good place to check for the latest announcement before calling the school. This is especially useful during off hours where your call may not be answered.

Aside from announcements, FB has built-in applications for events and discussions. We have also opened those applications for our visitors so feel free to participate in the site activities. Soon, we will be selecting some of you Fans (to use the FB term) to become Administrators so that you too  can post events,upload pictures and videos, etc.
We have already uploaded videos of the last program and some pictures as starters in the site. So, how do you access the site? At least three ways:
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  • Alternately, while in your FB page, simply click on the Search box on top of your page and type "Eastbridge" and you will find our site.
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So start visiting now and "Like" our site to spread the news around.

rmaramara.jpg The Eastbridge School's Parents' Teachers' Fellowship (PTF) held it\s election of officers for the school year 2010-2011 at the Max's Restaurant, San Mateo today, July 24. Taking advantage of the occasion, the organizers, also included a Parenting Seminar on the subject of Biblical Parenting for the benefit of the attendees. There were more than a hundred parent participants in the event, highlighted by the report of the past PTF's accomplishment and financial report. The new set of officers included Mrs. Valerie Marasigan as President and Joy Gonzales as Vice President. We wish them well on their way to a fruitful year of service.
Among other things, the past year's PTF was able to do relief operations for parents as well as non-parents victims of the Ondoy calamity last year. Two outreach programs were also conducted  with Vine's Foundation and Wawa Elementary School. as beneficiaries Fund raising campaigns were conducted to finance the said activities. The campaigns included book and food sale during major school programs and a raffle. The school also benefited greatly from the fund raising as free books were given to academic topnotcher students. School facilities improvement from the PTF projects include the installation of heat insulation for the canteen area and the Parent's Lounge,  ramps to ease student movement into elevated rooms and walkways, Parent Lounge improvement, etc.
To share knowledge on the very important issue of parenting/discipline, the PTF invited Pastor Rene Maramara to conduct the seminar on the subject. A parent of four children himself who home-schooled all of them with his wife, Pastor Rene used his rich experience as a father, counselor and pastor to tackle the issues. The one hour talk centered on several key points:
  • the biblical definition of discipline
  • the need for discipline
  • the methods of biblical discipline
Aware of the way people misunderstand the term "discipline", Pastor Rene illuminated on the real meaning of the word, especially in the light of the biblical data. This he claimed gave more authority to what he said as it is not his own definition, nor anybody else's that matters especially on a subject as critically important as this. He went on to show why there is a need for discipline, enumerating them thus:
  • it is commanded by God
  • because of the nature of the child
  • because of the worsening worldly influence
In the end, Pastor Rene was able to point out that "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child..." (Prov 22:15) and that it should be dealt with directly and promptly for the discipline to succeed to any degree. While it required no effort on the part of the parents to turn their child into a source of shame for them, it takes a lot of resolve to practice biblical discipline. Ultimately, he said that real parental love should manifest in this. Eventually, the biblical method of discipline touched on the principle stated in Prov 13:24:  "Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him. "
With the limited time given for the talk, it was not possible to go into more details on the methodology. But it is hoped that the principles learned by the parents in the message will prompt them to seriously consider and rethink many of the fallacies and ineffectivity of the modern trends in discipline as widely practiced today.

Last October 19, The Eastbridge School started it's week-long celebration of  Book Month, Cancer Awareness Month, Ecological Awareness Month and United Nations. The celebration kicked off with a three-day book sale held at the school grounds. Children outdid one another in buying the numerous children's books made available for purchase with the parents manning the sales booths. The profits from the sale of the books and snacks go to the funds of the PTF for this year.
The celebration culminated in a program held at the Monte Brisa Covered Court. The various class levels were assigned into various groups for the contest: the preschool students had fashion shows with the Nursery students donning United Nations costumes. The Kinder students came in their Ecological Awareness inspired costumes and slogans while the Prep students paraded in their Breast Cancer Awareness costumes with slogans
The Grade 1 students competed against each other in Bible Characters Come Alive where each one was assigned a bible character and a monologue. The same is true for Grade 2 students but this time each one portrays a character from popular books. The Grade 3 students portrayed Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Teacher Christine conducts an 80-piece orchestra as she debuts as Conductor in Jeju International Convention Center
Seogwipo City, Korea last May 31, 2009.
To Eastbridge School Students, she is known only as Teacher Christine - their music teacher. To the school's Directress, she is Titit, her classmate in her college days and continues to be one of her best friends. One wouldn't suspect her to be a complete package - music package that is. With her unassuming, mild and very friendly manner, she could just be a simple and a pleasant fellow. But she is greatly accomplished in her field. She has two degrees - one in Broad Comm/Comp. Literature, and another in Music with concentration in Composition. Her Music Master's Degree she earned in Canada and her Doctorate in Diliman where she has been a Professor at the College of Music.

Last May, she debuted as an orchestra conductor when she was chosen by CCP to be the Philippines' composer for the ASEAN.  Teacher Christine composed and conducted her personal composition which was played by an orchestra composed of 80 Asian traditional musical instruments from 11 nations: Korea, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The audience: Presidents of the 11 nations, including our PGMA. Teacher Christine related to us over dinner last Sunday that as nation after nation performed their country's traditional music with their own representative ethnic musicians, all the conductors were male, until the Philippines' number came up. Later, noticing the same trend, PGMA - who happened also to be the only female President among the 11, whispered to her, "Women power!" 
The Eastbridge School is very privileged to have her as our part-time music teacher and we hope to continue to make use of her services for the coming programs of the school this year.
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