Online Enrollment Detailed Instruction

This detailed ONLINE ENROLLMENT INSTRUCTION MANUAL is lengthy and can look intimidating. It's lengthy because it will walk you through the entire process step by step. But the actual enrollment application itself is not that long nor difficult. From beginning to end of the first data entry process will take you more or less around 15 minutes. The second stage which is the payment stage can be done in less.

You can therefore use this in two ways:

  1. You can browse through it so that you'll get the idea where everything is. Then go ahead and enroll online and go back to this manual when you are not sure about some specific step.
  2. Or you can read this at the same time that you are doing the online registration, referring to it only when you get stuck or confused.


Prepare all the necessary documents needed as listed below:

 NOTE: Steps 2-5 can be skipped if you use the Online Registration menu above from where you can already choose from Summer, Blended or Online Only classes and the Grade Level that you want.


Open your preferred browser and type or simply click the link.


The first page can look confusing because there seems to be no logical order to the display and every level has two similar looking schedules. This is a critical step so study the notes in red in the picture below so that you will do the next step accurately.

 enroll 01


Find your child's level by typing it in the Search box (highlighted in green in the above image). Note the following equivalent:

Child's Level      What to Type in Search

Nursery                       Nursery

Pre-K /Jr. Kinder         Kinder 1

Kinder/Sr. Kinder        Kinder 2

Grade 1                      Grade 1

... and so on

Below is a screen shot of the result when you search for Grade  1. One of them is for Blended Class and the other is for Online Only Class. To know which one is suited/preferred for your child, click View for the first one.


This image below is the View screen of the Schedule when opened.


As soon as you identified which Schedule corresponds to the class you want to enroll in for your child, click on Enroll Now button of that correct Schedule. The next page is shown below. Take note of the instructions in red before proceeding.


Answer all the questions asked and make sure those fields marked Required are correctly filled up. Study the image below and note the instructions in red. Make sure that the email address you provide here is a valid and active one and that you have personal access to it. This is where the system will send notification status about your application. Click the Next button when you're done.


If you see an error page like below after clicking Next in the previous step, this means you missed to input Required information. Go back to your form and fill them up.


Fill in the required information in this new page. Again, make sure that the  telephone number you provide is active and accessible to you. This is where the school Registrar may contact you for any deficiencies in your application during review. Click Next when you're done.


The second to last page is shown below and contains only one question. This may seem redundant but we want to make sure that you have selected the correct class type for your child. If you want your child to be enrolled in Online Only, you need to enter Y. If your choice is blended, enter N.

 STEP 11

In the last page pictured below, upload all the images of the required documents for your child's level. Again you will get an error message if you fail to upload required document images.

TIP: If you have not prepared the document beforehand, you may upload any image now so that you can click Submit and your application will still be on its way to the Registrar for verification. However, note that this will delay the verification process required before payment.


 STEP 12

 If the submission is successful in the previous step, you will see the message like the image below. You may check your email later for the notice that your application is received and is being verified. The email header may look something like below:

The content of the message may look like below. At this point, the only thing you can do is wait for the next notice telling you that your application has been verified and you can already pay. In the event that the school Registrar finds some deficiencies in your application, you will get  a call from us.


This is the content of the verification-completed email with a link to payment. When you're ready to pay, just click the View Payment link.

 STEP 14

You need to specify which payment option you will pay. Study the image below for your options. Click Next when done.

Here is an example of the amount detail shown when you click the yellow icon above:

 STEP 15

After you click Next in the previous step, you will see two modes of payment - Bank or Paypal. The image below shows the Bank option chosen:


Click on the View Account Details to see the account nos. of the banks where Eastbridge has existing accounts. You may now leave this screen to go ahead and do your online banking to transfer the funds to Eastbridge School. When you already have the deposit slip ready, upload the image of the receipt by clicking Please browse and upload Proof of Order button as seen in the above image. If you have no online banking and would rather deposit personally to the bank, go ahead and come back later to upload the receipt by going back to STEP 14. At any rate, as soon as you upload the receipt and click Submit, you will see this screen for your payment confirmation.

Those who have credit cards and would rather pay by this method, you have to click Paypal in the previous step. See the image below to guidance.


Proceed with the Paypal payment and make a copy of your payment receipt for later upload. Please refer back to STEP 16 for details.


Wait for another email confirming that your payment has been verified and your child is already officially enrolled. The email should have the following message:

If yo want to further verify the status of your child's enrollment, you may click the View Status link as seen above. You should see this in the resulting screen.