How Involved Do You Want to be?

There are times and situations where being a spectator is not an option. Or if it is, it's not something you will be proud of. This crowdfunding project is one such situations. It's possible that this will be the first and perhaps the only one of its kind for many years to come. In other words, how many times does one get a chance to help create something that will endure, Lord willing, for many years and generations to come? And not just something but something worthwhile, something one can be proud of, something that will be instrumental in producing future generation of leaders and competent citizens not only of this town but perhaps the whole country and even the world? Maybe only once in a lifetime. And when such rare opportunity comes, being a fence sitter is the worst choice anyone can make.

But involvement means a certain degree of commitment and that is one word that can send shivers down the spine of one who can hardly find time to breathe from the many responsibilities that one already has. Thankfully, you can calibrate your involvement using the different levels discussed below.

1. Donor

If you are a person who believes in this project and want to be a supporter of it but you can't commit any additional effort and time more than the process of donating financial resources, this is an option for you. You are one valuable supporter just by being a donor. After all, there's no sense having so many supporters who are unwilling to put their money where their mouth is. If donating is all you want to do, simply click this LINK and you're on your way to becoming a donor. But if you want to extend your involvement a little bit but not much, you can combine this with the next.

Remember. This is crowdfunding and the reasoning behind every crowdfunding is small donations but many donors. Thus, it doesn't require much to donate. You can donate as little as you want. This is one big project where no one is too "small" to help and support.

2. Influencer

If you are a person who happen to have a wide influence, having friends or colleagues who are in a position to also support this project in any capacity, then you are an influencer. As an influencer, you can support this project not only by donating but also by telling people under your influence that you fully and wholeheartedly support this project and want them to do the same if possible. This you can do by sharing this link on your social media account/s and by sending them via email to your contacts with the subject "I fully support this project. I hope you would too!"

Here are other endorsement samples:

  • Please help build my child's future high school so she doesn't have to travel far to get good education.
  • I want to make a difference. I will help build this institution.
  • This is an opportunity that may never come again in my lifetime so I fully support it.
  • Someday, I want to stand in front of this high school with my child and say to him/her, "Daddy (or Mommy) helped build this school for you".
  • Will you skip on that happy meal and help build a school instead?

3. Campaigner

A campaigner is a person who may or may not not have the financial resources to support this project but is willing to spend time in helping promote the campaign on a regular basis throughout its duration which is more or less sixty days. This article can help you find ways to campaign better for Eastbridge.

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