Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we still enroll directly at the office?

Yes, you may. Our office is open MWF from 9-5 PM until further notice.

Do you accept children with special needs?

We do on a case to case basis. We are not really a SPED school but we evaluate each student applicant and make a decision on what we see.


Do you have a parking space for fetchers?

Sadly we don't have enough parking space for all fetchers. Only in exceptional cases do we accommodate parent vehicles inside the campus which can only fit in about four medium-sized vehicles. Fetchers can only wait on the main road but we advise all drivers to attend to their vehicles at all times because the main road outside the school is included in the clamping zone town ordinance.

Do you have sports programs?

Even without enough facilities, Eastbridge has made a workaround to its limitations and organized either in-house or out-sourced sports programs. Thus, we are able to offer lessons in swimming, badminton, tae-kwon-do and many others through club memberships.

Do you offer Grade 7 and above?

As of SY 2019-2020, we are still not capable of offering high school classes because of space limitation. But we are working on expansion and hopefully by 2020-2021 we already can.


Do you offer payment schemes?

Yes we do. We have monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly payment schedules. We may also customize one for those who have special requirements.


Do you offer scholarships for deserving students?

Contrary to its reputation, Eastbridge is not an expensive school when compared to other schools which offer a similar standard. But it's not also cheap to enroll in the school compared to other schools in this town. However, knowing that there are students who are intellectually gifted but may not be financially able, Eastbridge offers scholarships to deserving ones. This is done on a case-to-case basis. We already have several students who were recipients of such scholarships in the past.

Do you offer school bus service?

Currently, Eastbridge has two official school buses to serve the needs of its students. One of the buses is catering to the students from Eastwood area and the other for the rest of the students but only mostly along or nearby the J.P Rizal Street from Balite to Burgoz.

Do you offer summer classes?

Yes we do and there are plenty of courses available. They're also open to all, not just Eastbridge students.

For this SY, 2020-2021 we will offer online only Summer Course and it will start on June 15 and will end on July 15.


Does the school already have a calendar of activities and tests for the school year 2020-21?

As of now there is no specific calendar in place and there might not be a periodical exam. The logic of the past years’ education cannot be used for this year’s approach to education. We will see things as we go along in light of the crisis and make decisions based on what we think is best for our students’ mode of learning. At the end of the day, we believe that testing should be complementary to teaching.

How long will the students need to stay in school when attending physical classes for the blended pr...

Blended program enrollees will only stay in school for 2 to 2.5 hours on days when they are required to attend physical classes. Attendance in school will also be staggered. For ex. On Mondays only Grade 6 students and Preschool students are required to go to class. There is currently no limit as to the total number of students who can enroll in the blended program.

How many days a week will blended classes report to school?

Twice a week.

How many students are accommodated per session in the blended program? Will there be a limit as to h...

Following social distancing, we will accommodate 10-15 students per session. If there are plenty of students per class, we will split them into groups to follow the 10-15 students per session rule.

How much is your tuiton fee

We don't publish our fees online. We also don't give out this information for online inquiries, except under special circumstances.

For information about the fees that the school charge for each level, please call our office from Monday to Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Noon break is from 11:30-1:30 so please avoid those hours.

During the ECQ /GCQ office schedule is for MWF from 9-5 only.

You may find our contact information here.


Is the 10% off on total fees still available if we’ve already enrolled and paid in full in advance?

Tuition fees for the blended program remain the same as last year’s fees. Should you opt to enroll your child in the full online we can grant the 10% off discount to early enrollees who paid in last year's rate. Please arrange with the school office to avail of the refund if you plan to shift your child’s enrollment to the online program.

Online: How will you address interruptions in the area’s internet connection or power supply when m...

We recognize that these situations happen rarely and not for extended periods of time. Should this happen however, online sessions may be cancelled on that day.

Online: Are books still needed for online classes?

Yes, but only for selected subjects.

Online: Are students in online classes required to wear uniform?

Yes. We believe that establishing daily routines is important for the child’s learning. In our pilot testing, students even preferred to wear their full school attire because it gave them a sense of normalcy.

Online: Can my child transfer to blended classes after enrolling in online only class?

No. The initial choice of mode, whether online only or blended will be fixed for the duration of the school year. However, blended classes may transfer to online if the government prohibits the holding of face-to-face classes anytime during the year.

Online: Can my child watch a recording of an online class that he/she missed?

Only for a valid reason. The presence of students during the online sessions are important because of participation and interaction.

Online: Do we need a desktop or laptop? Can we use other devices such as smartphones or iPads?

We highly recommend having a desktop or laptop because online sessions are not just limited to attending video meetings. Part of the new school program requires students to do some of their work on the computer. Even Zoom meetings have interactive features which students cannot participate in if they are using a smartphone, tablets or iPads only.

Online: Do we need separate devices for each of our kids?

It is not required for students to have separate devices as long as they are not attending online sessions at the same time.

Online: Do you have online entrance exam?

We will soon have one. We are already preparing the test materials.

Online: Has there been a dry run to test the new system’s effectiveness?

We have conducted several test sessions with our teachers and some of our students to adapt to the new system. We recommend however that students also be enrolled in the online summer classes which will be given from June 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020 for a minimal fee to prepare them for the shift to online learning this coming school year.

Online: How to use Online Enrollment

There are two kinds of instruction manual for our online registration process. This here is the first and the concise one. If you feel that it's not enough, you may prefer to use our more Detailed Instruction. You can also access it through the Online Registration menu above.

Before you can enroll online, it's important to have the following requirements ready. During the data entry itself, you will be asked to provide them or else you can't proceed with the rest of the process.

After preparing the above documents, you may go to the Online Registration meny above and select your child's preferred class and level. Summer enrollment is also available among the choices.

Online: If our internet connection is slow can we opt to close our camera function to avoid further ...

You may but also take note that Zoom meetings are also supposed to be interactive. Your child may miss out on important classroom interactions when you do. Again, we recommend that you consider upgrading to a better connection to minimize these instances.

Online: Is there a minimum requirement or required technical specifications for laptop?

Kindly make sure your device can run the Zoom app smoothly. Most laptops can handle school-related tasks and programs so there are no special requirements.

Online: My child will be using my work laptop and there are work-sensitive data which cannot be shar...

We recommend that you close all applications on your laptop that are confidential before a class session. For sites where you login for your online work, it's also important that you logout your account before allowing your child to use your personal machine.

Online: What about Zoom’s security issuess?

We have looked into the security issues of Zoom and rest assured, the new updates to the software have addressed these security concerns. There are also more than 200 million users of Zoom already and many of these are large corporations with even stringent security requirements and their feedback to the software company keeps on coming, making the software more and more secure in the long run.

Online: What equipment do we need for online classes?

1. a desktop or a laptop that connects to the internet

2. an internet connection in your home

3. a headset with microphone, preferrably the over-the-ear or on-ear type with noise-cancelling feature

Can a phone earphone be used instead?

Yes, it will work but noise from the outside can distract the student and the mutidirectional microphone of the earphone can also distract other participants in the class. There is a workaround for the teacher to mute all the students but it's not recommended because the real classroom feel is lost.

Below is the type recommended.

4. mouse

Why is a mouse needed if laptop already has a touchpad?

My own personal experience with the touchpad is that it is not only very slow compared to mouse, it is also less accurate in pointing as well as prone to accidental clicks. Additionally, during online classes, students will be asked to draw or write with the mouse. Touchpad will not be very convenient for this requirement.

 NOTE: If your have a quiet room in your house insulated from outside noise that can be distracting to him or her and also to other participants, we recommend that you setup the laptop or desktop in such a room.

Online: What happens when there is a brownout and no internet at home?

We will try to record all of our online sessions. But access to these recordings will be on a case-to-case basis only. A valid reason will be required before parents/students will be given access to them.

Online: What if we don't have internet at home?

We are sorry that we can't accommodate students who have no internet at home. It is necessary for much of the things that we will do with them throughout the year.

Online: What if we enroll our child in the online program then find out later that our internet conn...

We highly suggest that before classes start, you look into an upgrade for your internet connection. There are plenty of internet service providers (PLDT, Globe, Converge, etc.) in our area who are offering affordable upgrade plans. Another suggestion is you can coordinate with another parent in the school to share the internet connection in their house if your kids are in the same class. We also have a summer program that will serve as a preparation for the new system which you can try out for a minimal fee to see if the new setup is workable or not. Since we don’t offer homeschooling, a device and internet connection are a necessity for both online and blended programs.

Online: What is the schedule for online classes and blended classes? How will the possible overlap i...

We have posted a sample schedule on the orientation presentation uploaded in Eastbridge’s Facebook page. The final schedule will be released once we have tallied our enrollees for the new school year.

Online: What's the advantage of Eastbridge online classes?

Just like in regular class, online class is just one more type of mode of learning. If Eastbridge has an advantage over other schools when the classes are regularly conducted, we are confident that we will carry this same advantage when all schools shift to online learning. It's not the mode that matters but the delivery of the content that students are supposed to learn.

Online: Will my child require a tutor or parental support during online sessions?

No. But some children may require minor supervision for the first few meetings until they can settle to the routine of online learning. Only a responsible adult that the child can obey is needed for this.

Online: Will the teacher still have an interactive discussion even with the online program? Is there...

There will definitely be a difference in how both programs are conducted however, the full online program will still be made as interactive as possible. We have uploaded sample classes in Math and English on the Facebook page to give you an idea of how online classes will be conducted. Rest assured that both online and blended will have programs that will contribute to the child’s holistic education.

Online: Will there be a reduction of fees since less facilities are used?

For online only classes, the fees are reduced by 10%. For blended classes, there will be no reduction of fees but for Grades 1-6, Koobits is no longer an extra expense. The reason for the non-reduction are these:

  1. Blended classes will still use school facilities and because of the reduced class size due to social distancing, may use more rooms per level.
  2. The school have to procure additional internet plans to accommodate higher bandwidth usage due to online teaching.
  3. Several software and subscriptions will be purchased by the school to replace books and other printed materials to enhance lesson delivery in an online environment. Such software and subscriptions include, online enrollment system, online testing, LMS, etc. These softwares and subscriptions are very expensive.

 POTENTIAL SAVINGS: Koobits will already be free. Many books will no longer be required. One set of uniform throughout the year is enough because of less wear.



Online: Will we have to make a Zoom account for our kids or can they use the guardian’s account?

We think it is better for students to open their own Zoom account so it is easier to keep track of their attendance and participation. It also helps in identifying students during Zoom sessions. Creating a Zoom account can be done for free.

What Adjustments Will You Do During ECQ?

In light of the COVID-19 situation, all schools public and private, big or small will not be able to operate as they used to be, at least for this year. DepEd has started releasing directives to public schools to explore and prepare for a major change in their mode of instruction. Many private schools on the other hand have already made announcements about their own action plans for their proposed changes. Eastbridge is doing the same.

The school is undertaking new measures to maintain the quality of our students’ education while ensuring the health and safety of our community. As more and more institutions are shifting to online platforms, it makes sense to also move everything online. However, Eastbridge’s holistic approach to cater to the multiple intelligences along with the children’s need for a social learning environment makes a strictly online setup inadequate. Despite the difficulty and workload that it will entail, we decided to follow a blended learning approach instead which combines online sessions with actual class meetings.   

As part of Eastbridge’s action plan for the incoming school year here are the measures we will be taking with the new blended learning scheme:

  • Mixed Modalities
    • The new curriculum will accommodate a mix of online and in-school learning. Scheduled in-person classes will take place within the week, alongside online consultations and activities. Time will also be allotted for students to accomplish school-related tasks and classwork on their own.
  • Online Tools
    • This will start from the enrollment process itself. Parents can enroll their children within the safety and comfort of their homes or offices through our new online registration and payment facility which the school offers without additional cost.
    • For purposes of online learning, Eastbridge will be using the videoconferencing app, Zoom, as well as Google Suite for Education for easy upload of class material, online tests and student collaboration activities.
  • Revised Class Sessions
    • In-school meetings will be conducted with a smaller class size (around 10-15 students) per session, which will happen once or twice a week so as to maintain social distancing rules.
  • Parental Support
    • Parents and guardians will also be encouraged to take on a more active role in our students’ education. Expect briefs on how the Eastbridge community can further help each other with the transition of learning in class and at home. The school is also willing to provide technological literacy trainings for those who might be challenged with the integration of devices.
  • Strict Safety Measures
    • As always, health and safety are our utmost priority. Eastbridge will continue to comply with regulations from the Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of Labor and Employment and local government units.
    • In addition, we will also have these specific measures in place:
      • Thermal scanning prior to entry
      • Strict monitoring of medical and travel history with a requirement for COVID-19 testing as needed
      • Non-admittance for those with cold or flu-like symptoms
      • Availability of sanitary equipment (soap, handwash, alcohol etc.) and required handwashing upon arrival and at least every two hours throughout the day
      • Regular classroom sanitation and disinfection of contact surfaces such as sinks, toilet seats, and door handles at least twice daily
      • No-contact greetings and interactions
      • Social distancing within and outside the classroom
      • Staggered arrival, break, and departure times


What is the enrollment process?

You may call 89481155 or drop by the office to inquire more about the enrollment process and fees. Eastbridge has also started an online enrollment scheme which can be accessed through the Online Registration menu above.  Online enrollment is from May 7, 2020 until June 30, 2020. Regular enrollment is from May 18, 2020 until June 30, 2020. The office is open from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, starting May 18, 2020. Transferees are required to undergo a summer program for Math as they might find it difficult to adjust to Singapore Math without the foundational basics.

When can I enroll my child for the coming school year?

We start accepting enrollees as early as January. For early enrollees, you may want to enroll online from the comfort of your home or office. Click here for our online enrollment page. Make sure that you also read the enrollment requirements and steps first.

Those who want to enroll directly at our office, we are open MWF from 9-5 P.M.


When will classes start for SY 2020-2021?

Classes will start on August 24, 2020.

Where are you located?





Why does the online enrollment process require LRN?

It's a DepEd requirement. All students are supposed to have LRNs. You may call 89481155 or drop by the office to request your child’s LRN if they have been enrolled at Eastbridge previously. For transferees, you may request this from the office of your child’s former school.

Will curriculum still include P.E. and will students still be required to wear P.E. uniform these da...

As much as possible, P.E. will still be included though we are trying to tweak physical activities to suit the online platform. More updates on this will be given as the year progresses. You only need one school uniform (whether P.E. or regular uniform).

Will the grading system change because or ECQ?

The grading systems will be upgraded to accommodate the new program. The full online program will have a separate grading system from the blended program.

Will the multiple intelligence awards be extended to the online class?

We will see if these will still be applicable despite the new mode of delivery. One thing for sure though is that the awards for online will be separate from blended.

Will the school service still be available?

We do not know as of now considering the limits imposed by strict social distancing. It will depend on the capacity of the school service provider and the parents’ to strike a deal that is beneficial for both parties.

Will you require a medical certificate for all students especially students in the blended class?

We will require as necessary depending on the directives provided by the IATF and DepEd.