Faculty Exposure Trip 2018

The richness that comes from travelling can never be overemphasized. Aside from the unexpected thrills of course, there's real-life education, confidence boost, tolerance for uncertainty, understanding of cultural diversity, etc. Googling "benefits of travelling" returns 2,830,000,000 hits and that says a lot about how people nowadays realize the importance of travel. That's why in this article, we call it Exposure Trip.

HKMacau2018 02

Last October 2018, the whole faculty of the Eastbridge School, went to Hong Kong and Macau for its Exposure Trip. Both regular and newly-hired faculty members were given the chance to join and no one refused the chance. The team's first destination was Hong Kong but only for a day. The following day, a day visit of Macau was arranged and off the team goes by fastcraft which took about an hour to travel the distance between the two places.

HKMacau2018 22

Fastcraft ride from HK to Macau. The ferry travels at 60KPH and reaches Macau in an hour.

Macau, especially the district where big casinos are, is a feast to the eyes. The hotels and tourist areas are just designed for visitors to linger and pass the time and to the locals, hopefully to boost the economy by spending and gambling. We never gambled of course but we still get to enjoy the many attractions of the place. In the afternoon, we have to go back the same way.

HKMacau2018 13

The rest of the two days were spent in Hong Kong as we visited more places and took the cable car ride. At night the Victoria Harbor is just a favorite of visitors as the night lights of the tall buildings are reflected on the water in a dazzle of colors. Site, food, people. These are what make the experience memorable plus the side benefit of establishing a closer relationship among the faculty by way of shared experiences, pleasant or otherwise.

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