Experience Gift for Teachers and Staff

It pays to be early in preparation. Last July, 2022, Hilton Hotel Clark was in partial opening stage after the pandemic and their room rates were under promo rates to attract clients. Seeing that as an opportunity, Eastbridge booked 10 rooms as its way of giving its faculty and staff a non-traditional Christmas party, this time in the form of an experience gift. Last December 1, everyone packed and left to avail of the benefits of the early booking. By that time, the rates have increased by as much as 50% and would have already been beyond the school's capacity to offer.


The last Faculty Christmas Party was in 2019 and which year also saw the last Exposure Trip before the pandemic hit and prohibited all outdoor activities for two years. This time, it's a two-in-one. Some teachers brought their small kids with them and the children equally enjoyed what the newly-operating place had to offer. Except for the short round of thanksgiving sharing with secret pal revelation program and an early evening dinner picnic-style at the Clark parade ground, the overnight stay wasn't program-laden as it was a decision by the management to allow the faculty and staff to manage their own time until the following day.