Empty Calories

"Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be satisfied" - Luk 6:21 ESV.

In our physical life, we only have too much calories or just the right amount. These days, you can hardly find any food, especially if you depend on processed or commercial ones, that is empty of calories. The norm seems to be that they will always have too much for us to remain healthy if we include them in our daily diet. Filling our bodies then with those calorific stuff will soon land us in a hospital. They are unhealthy for us, physically. But when we move away from the literal to the metaphorical, we may begin to sense that there are things that we fill our lives with that we think will give us "calories" to our satisfaction but instead what we get are empty ones. 

For instance, a person who fills his life with material things - houses, cars, designer things, etc. - thinking that these are what will satisfy that inner craving, will soon have the surprise of his life because after hoarding quite a lot of them, he won't actually feel full. And so he gets this idea that maybe three houses are not enough to fill the longing so he adds a few more. Or maybe five cars aren't enough so he bats for a dozen or two. As he adds more and more to get just that right "calorie" count, there seems to be no end to the effort. He always ends up hungry. That explains why some can't get enough of those material possessions. They thought a little bit more will finally do it without realizing that all those things only bring in empty calories. They misunderstood their hunger. 

Of the many possible hungers that we may have, satisfying each one can become a tedious task and won't even get us to a sense of fullness or satisfaction that we intend to have. Misunderstanding our hunger to always mean that which can be satisfied with the things of the world won't get us there. Let's learn from those who have been there and foundnothing. One person said that money is like having fat in your diet: it is absolutely essential, but too much is a hindrance, rather than a help, to the good life.

Jesus at one time told His listeners, "Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be satisfied." Jesus is offering us something that will satisfy one kind of hunger that, when fulfilled, will also take care of the others. Jesus is offering Himself to us. He is the One who can fill us with the right calories. He is the One who brings that fullness into our lives that no other thing nor person nor place can satisfy. Jesus is the answer to the hunger that, when satisfied, will eliminate all the other hungers left in us. He became man for many other reasons. However, one of those reasons may be that He may show us that satisfaction isn't found in this world. He showed that by coming into this world with nothing though He can have everything. He also acquired nothing as far as material possession is concerned. Yet He lived in full satisfaction when He said in His prayer to the Father, "I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do" (Joh 17:4 ESV). 

Let's stop misunderstanding our hunger. Let's go for Him who satisfies. He may not give you that much attraction for now while things are rosy for you. But when you already have that sense of hunger that won't go away, consider yourself blessed because you will be satisfied, if you stop looking for fulfillment in the usual places and turn your eyes upon Jesus. He won't fail you. He's got just the right calories for you soul.

(Photo credit: Karl Smallwood/todayifoundout.com)