Directress Graduation Message 2018

There are some days when we carry out maintenance on things to keep them from breaking down. While that is normally reasonable, I would like to make an argument for the case that maintenance is not always good. In organizations, for instance, it will not do to just maintain. The goal of every organization is to keep growing. Even relationships must evolve and develop, more so when we talk about academic institutions being amid constant change in terms of approaches, methodologies, culture and demands. I thank God that even if Eastbridge is getting older, it has never ceased to explore new horizons to maximize what it can offer to its students. And in doing so, it does not only continue to produce academic and non-academic winners, but it has also improved its ranking in competitions. Eastbridge has also increased its passing rate in prestigious institutions like the Philippine Science High School, Quezon City Science High School, Marikina Science High School, Miriam College, De La Salle High School and the Ateneo de Manila University.
That being said, there is one thing that remains ever constant in our institution. Despite the popularity of modern Western Psychology, we remain strongly grounded on Christian principles. We continue and will continue to discipline our students based on these values, and we will see to it, that with God’s help, the development of our student’s academic competence will be equal to their spiritual growth. After all, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” In an age of information, the lack of knowledge is not the problem in this world. It is the lack of integrity, discernment, and moral fiber. But this is not simply a matter of teaching religion, philosophy or character education. Nowadays, it is easy to know. What is less easy is forming and nurturing a relationship with God, and allowing Him to be the center of our lives through the values that we uphold, the decisions we make, and the paths which we take.
I am excited for Eastbridge in the coming years as we continue to work and pray that the Lord will soon bless us with our own lot and building. In addition, He has also placed in my heart the desire to plan for an expansion to high school education, knowing that not all of our elementary graduates are ready to go out of Montalban to pursue higher-level studies. This is also in response to some of our graduates who have been dissatisfied with the culture of the schools where they are enrolled, with cheating and cussing now being the norm for both students and teachers. Grades 7 to 10 are still ‘formative years’ and it is actually a stage where young people are very impressionable. Exposing them to society’s evils does not toughen them up. The fragility of their young minds makes them more vulnerable to being dragged into the system. Sadly, very few have succeeded at resisting. Many are pressed to throw away their godly values with the current system in place, and more have ended up falling victim to it. It is our sincerest hope that with the steps we aim to take, we may be able to offer an alternative--hopefully a better one.
May the Lord continue to bless the work of our hands and direct our heart’s desires. I praise Him for the families He sent and will continue to send to Eastbridge. I personally believe that He is the one who puts families in our institution: students for us to educate and care for, parents that need our help in bringing up their children, and families who share our vision.
To end this on a more joyful note, allow me to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Eastbridge community! Hand in hand, we shine brighter each year with the Lord’s blessings.
Teacher Jane

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