Directress Graduation Message 2014

“I believe I can fly…” , a line from a song featured in the film Space Jam starring Michael Jordan, air Jordan himself. Everything starts with a dream. On simpler terms, we also call this ambition. The latter, however, seems to have a negative connotation and others would even shun the word ambitious. But what is life without a definite purpose? I have seen people merely drifting, even vacillating because they are devoid of purpose. But those who dare to dream and believe are the ones who have made use and even went beyond their potentials, accomplishing something not only for their own satisfaction

but for the benefit of mankind. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Ninoy Aquino… these are but a few examples of visionaries who dared to dream and believe, worked hard for their cause, and eventually changed the landscape they were in.

I want my students to be ambitious. They are young and the world is waiting to be conquered by them. I want them to work hard and go beyond the comforts of their environment. Ambitious people do not mind inconvenience. “Kahit mahirap, sumasabak.” However, I also want them to stay grounded. Dreaming is different from hallucinating. We can dream the impossible and stay focused. Out of nowhere, we can even summon the supernatural powers or call it miracles to realize that dream. Hallucinating, however, is totally surreal and insane, hazy and marred.

I want my students to be ambitious in living out the biblical principles even in the midst of peer pressure and popular ideologies. I pray that they will stay honest no matter how crafty others are, to continue on giving even in a world of ingrates, to passionately live their faith and dare to stand up for their God. The world is full of bullies. And bullying takes on different forms. Those who stand for what is right and are against popular wordly perspectives are often bullied and ridiculed for their beliefs. Gone are the days when people look up to time-tested principles such as godliness, purity, fidelity, fairness, respect… Nowadays, wrongs are packaged as something exciting, screaming lines such as “dare to be bad…”

I will miss you Grade 6, Graduates of SY 2013-2014. You are still one of our pioneer batches and I have seen you grow in all aspects of your being. I will also miss your parents. You have accomplished much because your batch has been blessed with mothers, in particular, who supported the school and who chose to understand and address its limitations rather than complain. They were also the first one to rally behind our success as they have fully understood what it is and how it is to be a stakeholder in their children’s education.

Congratulations to you beloved students. Congratulations to you dear parents.

Congratulations to you dedicated teachers and staff.

Congratulations Eastbridgers!


Teacher Jane