Directress' Graduation Message 2009

janegrad09.jpg It has been a good year. Though I am fully aware that occasional hitches are in themselves beneficial especially when they serve a definite purpose, I heartily appreciate and enjoy a less bumpy ride. Eastbridge has been blessed with a good batch of parents this year who are not only supportive of the school’s vision and mission but are a bunch of hard working individuals who are even willing to share their effort and  even their substance  to live up to the idea of being co-partners in their child’s education.


I am also grateful to God for working with faculty and staff who do not count the hours just to deliver quality education. It warms my heart that in today’s pursuit for material gains, there are still a select few who respond to the call of teaching and who sincerely love and care for their students.

School Year 2008-2009 has been a prolific year. But as the school year closes, activities are already lined up for 2009-2010 which do not really require bank accounts but resourcefulness, wit and creativity. Actually, we can just teach, relax and live a less stressful life. But why do we do all these things?  Because we are a multiple intelligences academy, and education is not limited to the learning experience inside the classroom nor to textbooks, paper and pencil. Moreover, our activities also include parents because they are stakeholders themselves. Quality education is not the sole responsibility of teachers. It is a partnership between the school and family. It includes parental support wherein a child is followed up at home, guided and nurtured. At Eastbridge, we provide your children academic training, exposure, inspiration and opportunities to find their best, to be their own person, and we hope that they also go home to a positive, loving, and encouraging environment.

Let us all join hands in thanking God for his abundant blessings this year and let us all join hearts in petitioning him for another fruitful year ahead.