Downpour of Another Kind

If you are a farmer, rain is usually your friend. If you are an Eastbridger, this morning's rain was an enemy. It prevented our kids from strutting their mostly beautifully designed cheerdance costumes in our planned parade to culminate our week-long 5th Year Program. But, for a people determined to have fun, a heavy downpour is not a hindrance  at all.

Coming in full force, the downpour of parents and children filled the Monte Brisa covered court for the final activity for the week - a cheerdance competition. Though the rain mercilessly pounded the roofs, nobody seemed to notice as each camera-wielding parent was busy clicking away, seemingly unable to get enough of the cute kids and their classmates. Even Jolibee, who seemed to have gotten stuck inside the van for a while, easily got into the groove and led the children in impromptu dances to warm them up for the contest proper. Hundreds of flashes, not of lightnings but of cameras' told the tale of an event no downpour can damper.


In case anybody has any doubt where all the energy and talent come from as the children performed some dance steps even adults may find hard to duplicate, the parents showed the parental genes responsible for them all as they also competed with their co-parents in a dance number. I heard no effort was spared to train themselves. The costumes and props attested to the meticulous preparations. For many, perhaps, it was high school cheering once again. But all for fun. The fathers also engaged in a friendly, fifteen-minute basketball game between the preschool and the grade school parents. The preschoolers fathers prevailed.

After the performances, the kids showed their parents their favorite school activity - Awana Games. Thereafter, the parents invaded the Awana Game Square and enjoyed their heart out with the activities. For a while, the line between adult and children got blurry and all for good. The sky can go gloomy all it wants, but the Eastbridgers, children and parents alike, went home smiling.

The pictures are now in our Facebook page and also in the gallery.