Graduation 2009

The Eastbridge School of Montalban, a Multiple Intelligences School, and may still be one of its kind in this town, held its Recognition, Moving-up and Graduation ceremony at the CVJ Grand Ballroom in Marikina last March 24. CVJ offered a fitting venue for such a highly-formal occasion attended by no less than the Mayor and First Lady of Montalban whose grandson is attending the school and the mommies who didn't spare any effort to dress up together with their kids in formal dresses or gowns and the daddies who came in their barongs or coat and ties. There's no mistaking that after three years of operation as a school, Eastbridge has never gone down in its special treatment of an occasion such as this. And if there is any graduation most memorable, elegant and well attended, it is this one.

The day kicked off at 4:00 P.M. with cocktails for all attendees. Then the program proper began at 4:45 and went on until 7:15 P.M. More than 300 medals were given out to 90 students covering outstanding performances in academics, Multiple Intelligences and co-curricular activities. The plum award for the year, The Eastbridge Child Award, given to a student that best represents the holistically developed individual excelling not only academically but also emotionally and spiritually, went to Xyril Nietes, also a second honors student of the Prep Class 2008-2009.

This year's special guest speaker was Mr. Emil Tacata, an educator all his life and President/Owner of Star Kids Development Learning Center with branches in Tondo and Bulacan. He gave the kids a seven-minute talk about this year's theme: "Bloom Where You're Planted." by emphasizing on the spiritual uniqueness of every child and that uniqueness is what may enable each and every one of them to bloom as God intended them to.

 A touching portion of the program was in the singing of "Iingatan Ka" tribute to parents. There were some wet eyes among the audience as the kids belted it out with all the feelings they could muster to bring their message of thankfulness across to their parents.

 Knowing that the school is only as good as its teachers, recognition was also given to all teaching staff . Teacher Andrea, who joined the school two years ago also received special citation for garnering the highest evaluation score in class observations conducted by the school administrators for all its teachers regularly. The Parent Teachers Fellowship (PTF) gave her Gift Certificates for this achievement. The kids also gave a raucous welcome to the two incoming teachers for school year 2009-2010 Teachers Lea and Rhea who are incidentally twins and graduates of Childhood Development degrees from Miriam College and have Masters Degree units underway.

 This year's Academic Awardees for all levels are the following:

Nursery – Faith

1st Honors – Ma. Eunice Gabrielle Julao
2nd Honors – Mark David Quinto, Mike Lynelle Dimawala, Warlyneth Yesha Pedere, Melanie Lucas
3rd Honors – Railey Adrian Santos, Malik Reuben Mohammad Rasiman
4th Honors – Ma. Ysabelle Encar Encinares, Chloe Lein Deliva
5th Honors – Mark Angelo Borda
With Honors – George Anne Sales

Nursery – Love

1st Honors - Samuel Andrei Miguel Carreon
2nd Honors - Gian Franco Tolentino
3rd Honors - Lana Margarita Odiaz, Janna Salie De Dios, Richard Abraham Modesto
4th Honors - Onesimo Levy Roque, Cymon Pter Tan
5th Honors - Axelle Ace Cruz, Jan Keisha Cayetano
With Honors - Paulo Joaquin Ferrer, Ron Vincent Cuerpo


1st Honors - Kaylee Dominique Ordoñez
2nd Honors - Maxine Talagtag
3rd Honors - Marco Andrei Serrano, Julian John Moralejo, Sean Philippe Emmanuel Pascual, Rey Paolo Pecson, Seth Yadah Endab
4th Honors - Lia Alexis Concepcion
5th Honors - Luke Mark John Matthew Perez, Karylle Joy Banal, Ma. Norine Beatrice Maigting, Charliz Brianne Villaver, John Kendrick Cayetano
With Honors - Miki Amano, Jenifer Edulan


1st Honors – Albert Emerson Ballon
2nd Honors – Xyril Nietes
3rd Honors – Frances Vien Bautista
4th Honors – Keziah Kyla Aguilar
5th Honors – Rommell Ugang Jr., Daisuke Mayama
With Honors – John Andrei Federiso

Grade 1

1st Honors – Jullien Jhoen Alban, Jendel Rose De Dios
2nd Honors – Andrea Gail Reyes
3rd Honors – Third Joseph Poquiz
4th Honors – Reynaldo Guieb III
5th Honors – Kimberly Gianan

Grade 2

1st Honors – Kris Russel Araujo, Kayla Ross Araujo
2nd Honors – Beaver Agnes
3rd Honors – Bayan Roel Paraunda
4th Honors – Dwayne Torres, Eula Estrella, Ski Moralejo

This year's Multiple Intelligences Awardees for all levels are the following:

Nursery – Love

Carreon, Samuel Andrei Miguel - Intrapersonal Intelligence, Naturalist Intelligence
Cuerpo, Ron Vincent - Interpersonal Intelligence
De Dios, Janna Salie - Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
Esteban, Marcus Jet - Spiritual Intelligence
Modesto, Richard Abraham - Verbal Linguistic
Odiaz, Lana Margarita - Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence
Roque, Onesimo Levy - Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Tolentino, Gian Franco - Musical Intelligence

Special Award
Axelle Ace Cruz - Best in Penmanship


Borda, Mark Angelo - Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
Encinares, Ma. Ysabella Encar - Intrapersonal Intelligence
Julao, Maria Eunice Gabrielle - Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Lucas, Melanie - Spiritual Intelligence
Pedere, Warlyneth Yesha - Naturalist Intelligence
Quinto, Mark David - Musical Intelligence, Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence
Santos, Railey Adrian - Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
Sales, George Anne - Interpersonal Intelligence

Special Award
Dimawala, Mike Lynelle - Best in Penmanship


Amano, Miki - Interpersonal Intelligence
Edulan, Jenifer - Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
Endab, Seth Yadah - Musical Intelligence
Moralejo, Julian John - Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Ordoñez, Kaylee Dominique - Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence
Pecson, Rey Paolo - Naturalistic Intelligence
Perez, Luke John Mark Matthew- Spiritual Intelligence
Serrano, Marco Andrei - Logical- Mathematical Intelligence
Talagtag, Maxine - Intrapersonal Intelligence

Special Award
Marco Andrei Serrano - Best in Penmanship
Thyrhone Xavier Ramos - Rookie Award


Aguilar, Keziah Kyla - Spiritual Intelligence
Ayuson, Anne Carmela - Interpersonal Intelligence
Bautista, Frances Vien - Visual-Spatial Intelligence, Musical Intelligence
Ballon, Albert Emerson - Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
Michael, Charles Jr. - Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence
Nietes, Xyril - Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence
Torres, Daphne Angeline - Intrapersonal Intelligence
Ugang, Rommell Jr. - Naturalist Intelligence

Special Award
Aguilar, Keziah Kyla - Best in Penmanship

Grade I

Alban, Jullien Jhoen - Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence, Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Benito, Angelo Miguel - Interpersonal Intelligence
De Dios, Jendel Rose - Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence
Guieb, Reynaldo III - Intrapersonal Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence
Reyes, Andrea Gail - Naturalist Intelligence, Musical Intelligence

Special Award
Syl Aldrynne Boongaling - Best in Penmanship
Trixie Manila - Rookie Award

Grade 2

Agnes, Beaver - Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence
Araujo, Kris Russell - Logical- Mathematical Intelligence
Araujo, Kayla Ross - Interpersonal Intelligence
Estrella, Eula Maria - Spiritual Intelligence
De Leon, Ma. Divina - Intrapersonal Intelligence
Moralejo, Ski - Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Paraunda, Bayan Roel - Naturalist Intelligence
Patelo, Catherine Isobel - Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence
Torres, Angelo Dwayne - Musical Intelligence

 Special Award
Kayla Ross Araujo - Best in Penmanship

Power Readers
Albert Emerson Ballon
Kaylee Dominique Ordoñez

Topnotchers—Preschool Achievement Test
Nursery - Samuel Andrei Miguel Carreon
Kinder - Maxine Talagtag
Prep - Xyril Nietes