PTF Banquet

PTF Banquet

Last Friday's banquet in honor of the Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) officers, past and present, was a fun-filled party as Teacher Jane adeptly facilitated various games participated by the parents. They  were given opportunities to showcase what was only apparent through their kids in school: that they too have the genes to justify their children's talents, gifts and intelligences. First, Daddy Arnold, the father of Axelle, gave a sterling performance in singing the classic song "Walk With Faith".  That reminded guys and gals like me who lived through high school singing competitions in the 70's of those good old days. His performance was followed by that of Mommy Louise's, the mother of Meg,  who sang her song "Thanks To You" as a way, she said, of expressing her gratitude for having her  daughter once with Eastbridge. Her child now goes to a school in Cainta. Then, not to be outdone, Daddy Bowie, the parent of Liam Nash, performed his guitar-instrumental version of a medley of "Up Where We Belong" and "Wind Beneath My Wings". He is a professional acoustic guitar musician.

The guest speaker for the occasion was Dr. Isabel P. Martin of Ateneo University who also inducted the new officers of PTF. She gave an inspirational talk about the importance of parent involvement in their child's education. An adept academic researcher that she was, Dr. Martin peppered her speech with research findings about the subject. Some of the facts that she mentioned supports what we have been espousing at Eastbridge, though ours was mostly based on our own personal experiences as long-time educators. She mentioned that  of the total waking hours of children, only 30% are spent in school and the rest is either at home or somewhere else. Thus, most of the learning opportunities are still outside the school. This fact stresses the available opportunity and the big responsibility weighing upon the shoulders of parents as co-educators. She also shared that where parent involvement is high, school dropout figures are significantly low. Conversely, graduation figures are high. Parent involvement, she said, is more effective when done in a learning activity like assisting their kids in homework assignments and follow up readings and drills. But the most significant findings in the researches that she shared was about the  determinant of a student's overall success in school.  The common thought is that economic status of parents is the most important contributing factor. The finding is that it's parent involvement. With that, I'm sure many parents were greatly affirmed that all the effort they have put in for the PTF have been worthwhile. They were also most likely to have been inspired to still do much more.

After all the serious stuff and the dinner, Teacher Jane  helped the parents burn the calories by facilitating them in various games that really let the child out of everyone. There were contests in tableau making, arrange-yourself, dressing up a model with manila paper, etc.
The Eastbridge School  would like again to thank all the parents who attended and dressed up for the occasion. Judging by the  number of the attendees, it looks like our parents don't have to be goaded into this important aspect of their parenting. They are already a motivated bunch and we feel blessed for this.
Here's a video of the event.

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