United Nations Day With a Twist

Eastbridge prides itself in being a school that is “like no other”. This extends even to its activities and events. Last October 30 and 31, the school held its annual United Nations Day and World Children’s Day celebration at the Montebrisa gym, but with a very Eastbridge twist.

For the United Nations Day celebration on Wednesday, October 30, preschoolers were asked to interpret their assigned countries in playful anime style. Instead of traditional costumes, kids came to the event sporting colorful hairstyles, cartoon-like makeup, and elaborate but fun attire inspired by the culture of various countries. They also danced along to some Japanese pop songs and sang a song featuring different languages.

For the World Children’s Day celebration on Thursday, October 31, the events were split between the primary and intermediate grade schoolers. Grades 4 to 6 held a British Tea Party in the morning. Boys arrived donning their best morning coats while the girls came in elegant dresses and pearls topped off with some very stylish hats. They presented excerpts from Shakespeare’s plays (Romeo & Juliet and The Taming of the Shrew) as well as poetry pieces from Edgar Allan Poe (Annabel Lee), T.S. Eliot (Macavity: The Mystery Cat), and Naya Valdellon (Last Letter to Peter). They also performed interpretations of classic ballroom dances such as the tango and the line dance. Afterwards, they shared a light meal of tea with some sandwiches and cakes.

Meanwhile, children from Grades 1 to 3 put on their best Victorian dress for an afternoon of classic literature and social graces. In true 1860s fashion, there were plenty of tweeds and flounced skirts to be seen. The girls performed an excerpt from Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” while the boys acted out a scene from the sequel, “Little Men”. This was followed by a performance of common period dances such as the waltz and the quadrille. They also got to sample some typical American fair food afterwards, capping it all off with a performance of the popular children’s song, “76 Trombones”.     

For more of the pictures, please visit our FB page using the following links:

Anime Album

Little Women & Little Men

British Tea Party


Teacher’s Day 2019

Last October 4, the school held a special program ahead of the celebration for World Teacher’s Day. In cooperation with the Parent-Teacher’s Fellowship (PTF), the kids gave their teachers a heartfelt presentation to express their appreciation. Some of the students performed song and dance numbers while others, including some of the school’s alumni, gave their messages in the form of tribute videos.

Students approached their teachers shortly with gifts, letters, and other tokens of appreciation. Members of the PTF also expressed their gratitude by talking about the teachers’ important role as almost “second parents” in raising school children to become bright young men and women of the world. They mentioned how teaching meant often going beyond the call of duty, highlighting it as a labor of love.

Afterwards, the teachers and staff enjoyed a simple feast sponsored by the parents.


Downpour of Another Kind

If you are a farmer, rain is usually your friend. If you are an Eastbridger, this morning's rain was an enemy. It prevented our kids from strutting their mostly beautifully designed cheerdance costumes in our planned parade to culminate our week-long 5th Year Program. But, for a people determined to have fun, a heavy downpour is not a hindrance  at all.

Coming in full force, the downpour of parents and children filled the Monte Brisa covered court for the final activity for the week - a cheerdance competition. Though the rain mercilessly pounded the roofs, nobody seemed to notice as each camera-wielding parent was busy clicking away, seemingly unable to get enough of the cute kids and their classmates. Even Jolibee, who seemed to have gotten stuck inside the van for a while, easily got into the groove and led the children in impromptu dances to warm them up for the contest proper. Hundreds of flashes, not of lightnings but of cameras' told the tale of an event no downpour can damper.

5th Year Celebration

A lot of things could have gone wrong: typhoon Juan was making a landfall up north at 9:00 A.M. as first announced. It was a super typhoon, packing winds of up to 250 km/hour. Metro Manila and several surrounding provinces including the province of Rizal was declared to be in storm signal number 1 early in the morning. Preschool classes were officially suspended in affected areas. Storm clouds covered the sky from the moment of dawn. Rain was imminent and we had a parade planned.

Three days earlier, the typhoon was announced and we became worried it will abort our parade. Prayers began to be said for a favorable weather. Many of our kids were getting excited, others sleepless. It seems like every major activity and program has a way of making them all fired up. Understandably so because even the parents are also getting psyched up. But with the threat of a typhoon in the horizon, I believe, the chorus of small voices filled the heavens with petitiions for a specially delivered weather, just for this day. It came all wrapped up in cool wind, shady outdoors, and a P.S. note: have fun, My children.

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