Eastbridge Is Outstanding Institution Awardee

Last November 2020, The Eastbridge School joined The Philippine Online Exhibition Series led by ClassIn. 

This event is a collaboration between Oxford University Press and ClassIn to showcase the teachers' ability to deliver informative and interactive lessons online. More than 4000 Filipino teachers joined the event and teachers from more than 10 Philippine Institutions submitted their lesson recordings for the contest entry, including three outstanding Eastbridge teachers, namely, Teacher Connie Lasafin, Teacher Elyssa Angela Galvan, and Teacher Lyza Jane Lagura.

Their lesson recordings were assessed and evaluated based on Pedagogical Design, Teaching Technique, and Teaching Outcome by various judges from the UK, US, and the Philippines.

Announced during the virtual closing ceremony last January 12, 2021, Outstanding winners were handpicked including our very own Teacher Lyza Jane Lagura, a grade 3 and 4 Math teacher, who received a Gold award, and teacher Elyssa Angela Galvan, a pre-school teacher who received the Bronze award for the best lesson among the Participants.

Not only that, but The Eastbridge School also bagged the special citation as the Outstanding Institution Award for the excellent lesson curriculum and teaching competency showcased in the 2020 Philippine Online Teaching Exhibition Series.

Education in 2020 was forced to make massive changes as it transitioned to an entirely new modality of teaching. But “Resourcefulness is always key to make a good virtual classroom setting..." said teacher Lyza Jane, and ClassIn helped in achieving that to make the quality of online learning in The Eastbridge School top tier.

Changes are inevitable, but The Eastbridge School will always push forward and leave the trails blazing.