Google Approves Eastbridge for GSuite Educ

Google Approves Eastbridge for GSuite Educ

It took a while but our school is finally approved by Google to use Google Suite Education Account. Not all schools can have Google Suite Education. Without it, schools have to settle for the limited GSuite free account.

What does this mean for the school and students?

  • Better collaboration between teachers and their peers within the school which will benefit our students even more.
  • More tools available for teachers and since lesson contents are shared and can be worked on as a team, the end product is likely to be of higher quality and can be delivered quickly.
  • More control for the school to safeguard content and content delivery to our students because there is a centrally managed admin dashboard.

And many more...

This is an addition to our already growing list of tools that will give us an edge in delivering the same quality education that Eastbridge has always set for itself.

We thank the Lord for this favor!

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