Eastbridgers To Receive Awards in International Math Competition

Several Eastbridgers are going to St. Scholastica's College this July 28tn, 2018 to receive their awards for obtaining gold, silver and broze medals in the recently concluded International Singapore Math Competition. The following students bested their competitors from other Asian countries to obtain these medals.


Gold Medal Awardees

  1. Cedric Jame Sigua 
  2. France Jeremiah Ibe 

Silver Medal Awardee

Genesis Haylan Mendoza

Bronze Medal Awardees

  1. Rigel Almario
  2. Margarita Francine Abarquez
  3. Dane Ezekiel Hablo
  4. Jayden Isaac Pondoc
  5. Titus Matthew Pulido
  6. Atria Jan Almario
  7. Dylan Jasant Valerio