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  • By: Liezl Rivera
    Fri, 5 March 2021

    Last November 2020, The Eastbridge School joined The Philippine Online Exhibition Series led by Clas...

  • By: Eastbridge
    Wed, 27 May 2020

    A sample of Eastbridge-produced content to enhance our online lessons this coming SY 2020-2021. Prou...

  • By: Blessilde Limoso
    Fri, 8 November 2019

    The yearly semesterly break is an important time not just for students but for teachers. More than j...

  • By: Blessilde Limoso
    Wed, 6 November 2019

    Eastbridge prides itself in being a school that is “like no other”. This extends even to its activit...

  • By: Blessilde Limoso
    Fri, 11 October 2019

    Last October 4, the school held a special program ahead of the celebration for World Teacher’s Day. ...

  • By: Eastbridge
    Tue, 20 November 2018

    The richness that comes from travelling can never be overemphasized. Aside from the unexpected thril...

  • By: Gerry Limoso
    Fri, 22 October 2010

    If you are a farmer, rain is usually your friend. If you are an Eastbridger, this morning's rain was...


Expose Your Child

We've heard the stories: a child left mostly to himself at home because the parents are working and have practically no time to interact with him. Left by the babysitter to watch Nickelodeon the whole day while she does other household chores, the child grew up and learned to speak English as his first language, accent and all. Well and good.

Then there's the other one: a child left to himself in a household filled with dogs. The first sound that the child was able to make was a bark. Okay, this last story is anecdotal. I cannot deny nor confirm the veracity of it. But here's one story that I can.

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